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Champaign Center Partnership (CCP) is the local business association serving Champaign’s Downtown, Midtown, and Campustown neighborhoods. Our mission is to foster a vibrant, inviting, and active Champaign core by strengthening businesses and building community.


We support local businesses and organizations with resources in marketing, promotion, information,
and education.


We connect businesses, organizations, and residents to encourage a sense of community and belonging.


We enhance the core neighborhoods of Downtown, Midtown, and Campustown Champaign with collaborative events, programs, and services.

Love Yourself, Love Your Community

Love is in the air, Champaign! As we gear up for the month of amore, let’s make a pact to turn our affections inward as ...
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Stephanie Funkhouser of Royse + Brinkmeyer

Life has a funny way of leading us down unexpected paths, often to places we never imagined. For Stephanie Funkhouser, this was certainly the case ...
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