Lanna Bartko of INB

INB,  formerly Illinois National Bank, is a locally owned, privately held national bank based in Springfield, Illinois. We sat down with Lanna Bartko at the Champaign branch. 


How did you get involved with INB?

I actually got involved because I’m a Champaign-Urbana Jaycees.  My boss Andi is also in the Jaycees, so we met through there. I heard about the job, I applied and I luckily got it.


What exactly is your role at INB?

I’m a relationship Banker. I do anything that deals with accounts, from depositing a check — because I do work the teller line — to opening an account and doing maintenance on an account. If something happens on your account that you have questions about, I’m the person you call! I’m kind of a jack of all trades.


What does your typical day look like?

It is a little bit of everything. There are some days I’m up on the teller line, there are some days I’m in the office. I work a lot with business accounts but some people walk in the doors with accounts as well. It’s a little bit of everything everyday and something different. And I like that it is ever-changing. You don’t want to do the exact same thing everyday.


How is it different now that there are COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions?

So I’m actually starting to learn it. I started this job two days before we went into quarantine. It was very interesting dealing with everything especially since we don’t have a drive through here.  So it was a struggle to talk to people through the glass door, but our customers really worked with us and we were able to make it work.


What do you do in your free time?

Oh man. I’m a member of Jaycees, and I’m the President this year. I do a lot with that, that’s mainly what I do outside work. My boyfriend and I binge watch a lot of movies right now and TV shows because you can’t really get out and do anything. I’m doing a lot with the Jaycees and reworking how we do things with COVID now. It’s interesting trying to get things moving and going again, and how to deal with social networking when you can’t get out and be social.


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