Amanda & Scott McWilliams of Furniture Lounge

Furniture Lounge has over 1,200 sq ft of all things Mid Century Modern. From furniture to artwork, vintage clothes & records, they are your One Stop Retro Shop! CCP spoke with owners Amanda & Scott McWilliams.


When did you open Furniture Lounge?

May 15 or 16, 2002.


What is your connection to Mid-Century Modern?

Amanda used to work at Art Mart and is a fan of art and design. Scott was in the military, stationed in Palm Springs (where there is a large concentration of Mid-Century Modern architecture). Through osmosis, he picked up on design that way. When we first opened we just had furniture, then we expanded beyond that.

What are some special finds in your shop right now?

We’ve got all kinds of stuff! We have a fiberglass chair and ottoman made by Airborne in France, circa 1970. It’s a very unusual item to find, especially around here.

Where do you buy your wares?

From local estate sales, when relatives are downsizing or have passed away. We buy unique items that have been cherished by their owners.

What do you enjoy the most about being small business owners?

We’ve met a lot of really great people and made friends who have been with us since we began fifteen years ago. We enjoy being surrounded by stuff we love, doing what we love. It’s like living in the past. (Amanda: I would go back in a time machine and live in the 1950s!)

What’s the most challenging aspect?

Finding quality items that are interesting enough to bring in our store.

What makes Downtown Champaign special, in your opinion?

It has an energy that no other city in downstate Illinois has in terms of the amount of business, foot traffic and interesting events. It has been fun to watch Downtown Champaign grow. It has grown up around us.


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