James Buford & Rebecah Platt of G.A.S Barbershop & Hair Salon

G.A.S Barbershop & Hair Salon is a warm, inviting salon in Downtown Champaign offering services for all types of hair. Grown And Sexy promotes healthy hair and everyone gets great all around service! CCP spoke with owners Rebecah Platt and James Buford.

When did you open G.A.S?

November 12, 2010.

Why did you choose to locate your business downtown?

We wanted to be in an area where we’d be able to service people with diverse hair types and different textures. And downtown Champaign has a nice atmosphere. It’s sexy! So it’s a great spot for Grown And Sexy.

What’s your favorite service that you offer?

James: I enjoy cutting hair, but any service I’m doing in the moment is my favorite because it’s art to me.

What sets G.A.S apart from other salons?

The customer service. We’re big on that here. We want people to feel comfortable and confident when they come to G.A.S.

We heard you participated in the recent Parade of Lights. Why and how was it?

We did it be part of the spirit of the holidays downtown. The parade has an exciting feel and vibe, and it gave us a chance to advertise what we offer.

What do you like best about being in the salon industry?

We love meeting different people and making them happy. When we create we make our customers smile, which is the best part of it for us.

Follow G.A.S. Barbershop & Hair Salon on Facebook at @homeofGAS and on Instagram at @gas121.


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