Gordon Tracey of Jos. Kuhn & Co.

Jos. Kuhn & Co. is proud to be serving Champaign/Urbana and the surrounding area for well over a century. Look to Jos. Kuhn for business attire, better quality sportswear, and formal wear rentals for any occasion. CCP spoke with manager Gordon Tracey.

How long have you worked at Jos. Kuhn & Co.?

Eleven years. But I’ve been in retail since I was seventeen.

What makes your store unique?

Jos. Kuhn & Co has been in Champaign for 152 years. What makes us unique is the quality of the merchandise, the service, and the fact that our merchandise is reasonably priced.


What do you enjoy most about your job?

The interaction with the customers. I try to have fun. I like asking questions to get the background on our customers. Earlier this week I helped a young man who came it to buy a suit for a career fair. He had lots of questions about business attire etiquette that I helped answer. I like being a help and answering our customers’ questions.


How has Jos. Kuhn changed over the years?

Originally we carried both men’s and women’s clothing and were spread out over three floors. Now, we specialize in men’s clothing and our merchandise is on the ground floor only. We update our merchandise every season with an eye on changing styles and trends.


What do you want people to know about Jos. Kuhn?

When you buy at Jos. Kuhn, you’re getting something special that you’re not going to file elsewhere in C-U. We buy 100% worsted wool which you can wear year-round. I like that we’re still able to carry a lot of stuff that other stores don’t, including hats, socks and special-order shoes.


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