Ed Brubaker of The Cookie Jar

Located in the heart of Campustown, The Cookie Jar carries a full line of unique handmade iced decorated cookies and gourmet cookies, each one handmade one-by-one. CCP spoke with Master Cookie Man Ed Brubaker.


How long has The Cookie Jar been open?

Since 1980.

*Edit: The Cookie Jar is now permanently closed.


How did you get into the cookie business?

I moved to the area in 1974. I was a union laborer and had taken a management position that was not working out well. My father-in-law who worked in real estate helped me get started with The Cookie Jar. Here I am 18 years later, still making cookies!


How many cookies do you bake each day when the university is in session?

Everyday is completely different – you never know! Sometimes I get a last-minute special order for several dozen. I’d say 250 cookies a day is about average.


What’s your most popular cookie?

Buttercream sandwich cookies are always popular. Sugar cookies, peanut butter and chocolate chip do well too.


What do you like best about running a business in Campustown?

All the people I’ve gotten to meet. I became good friends with the previous UIUC basketball coach. I enjoy all the nice people in the neighborhood – my regulars.


What do you wish most people knew about The Cookie Jar?

That we have the best, least-expensive homemade cookies in town!


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