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The Mothership Experience : An Immersive Sound & Art Journey Into Deep Healing at the Cellular Level ( 10/17)

Oct 17, 2021 6:00 pm
The Mothership Experience is intentionally designed to navigate each room through various brain wave frequencies—
The first room guiding us into the Beta State; A frequency in which we can absorb new information and have a deeper awareness of what we are experiencing in our outer world. Here the 5 senses dominate & we engage in problem solving.
Going further, we transition into the Alpha State; A frequency in which our intuition begins to come alive, deepening us into our creativity, presence & experiencing wakeful relaxation.
Lastly, entering the Theta State, or what we like to call the, “Theta Dome”, which is truly a portal to the subconscious.
When we enter the Theta State, the autonomic nervous system becomes fully activated and it is here that we can start to reprogram our subconscious mind as well as nervous system. Here brain activity slows and can deepen into a more meditative state.
Join us Saturday, October 16th, at 6pm at The Recreation Club in downtown Champaign as we gather for a journey of consciousness, heart and sound.

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