Hacks for Hosting a Holiday Hangout

The holidays are almost upon us and with that comes the influx of the gathering of large groups of people. Whether that is for Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving, work get-togethers, or an end of the year shindig, chances are there is going to be a time in the near future where you are going to need to organize a large group of people. To avoid social and event planning fatigue, we’ve compiled a list of all the ways you can sail through holiday gatherings without the strain of any unnecessary stress. So, grab a paper and pen and get ready to learn the hacks for hosting a holiday hangout.

There will be no need to be stuck in a hot kitchen for hours on end to achieve the perfect main course for your party when you can simply order a smorgasbord of food from Neil St Blues. This southern style restaurant offers tons of entre options to charm your guests like Fried Catfish, Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian Jambalaya, Creole Fettuccine Pasta and so much more. Check out all of the options and get your order in before the holiday ordering rush at Neil St. Blues by clicking HERE.

Neil St Blues is located at 301 N Neil St #106 in Downtown Champaign and is a proud member of Champaign Center Partnership

With everyone having different taste palates as well as the plethora of different and unique allergies and food restrictions, having a wide range of different sides for your meal is a must have – but seriously who wants to do all of that cooking. You’re in luck! With just a few clicks of the mouse on the Black Dog Smoke and Ale House website, you can offer your guests a wide range of side options from Twice Baked Potato Casserole to Red Slaw and Cornbread. Get your orders in HERE at Black Dog Smoke and Ale House quick and I promise not to tell your guests that the potato salad isn’t a “family recipe”.

Black Dog Smoke and Ale House is located at 320 N Chestnut St in Downtown Champaign and is a proud member of Champaign Center Partnership

Survey says that the main reason that most large parties fail is because the host offered the wrong selection of sweet food to their guests. Ok you caught me I didn’t do a survey and I don’t know the data behind that statement but why chance that what I said was right when you have better options. Martinelli’s Market- Bakery and Deli offers an array of different choices when you need to sweeten up your guests. From full pecan or pumpkin pies, different sweet breads and even cookie decorating kits, Martinelli’s Market has you covered to ensure that your party is a total success! Get in your orders for all of the sweets HERE today!

Martinelli’s Market -Bakery and Deli is located at 500C N Walnut St in Downtown Champaign and is a proud member of Champaign Center Partnership

While alcohol isn’t required to host a successful party, it certainly won’t dampen the mood when you reveal that the elixir energizing your affair is none other than growlers of Pineapple Margaritas from Esquire Lounge. These tangy treats are bound to be a hit among your guests and just to ensure you have enough things to excite your guests – why not throw a gallon of their delicious homemade soup into the mix as well! Send in your orders for any and all of Esquire’s party favors HERE – you will not be disappointed.

Esquire Lounge is located at 106 N Walnut St in Downtown Champaign and are a proud member of Champaign Center Partnership

What better way to get your party guests into the right headspace for a celebration than with an array of festive candles casting a warm glow in your home. At Fire Doll Studio you can choose from a huge selection of gorgeous candles that are already made up for you or you can go the creative route and sign up for a Candle Happy Hour HERE to create your own candle masterpiece, mixed with your very own signature scent. If having an exclusive scent that is associated with your party only doesn’t draw a crowd, I don’t know what will.

Fire Doll Studio is located at 29 E Main St in Downtown Champaign and are a proud member of Champaign Center Partnership

Curate the Perfect Soundtrack with Albums from Exile on Main

I will die on the hill that no party is ever going to be successful without a perfectly crafted playlist dictating the ambiance of the event. By choosing to secure your tunes from Exile on Main you will be granted the good fortune of getting to choose from any endless assortment of every genre and decade under the sun to fit your party’s vibe as well as be able to bring in that Vintage Core Aesthetic by pumping out your jams from a very chic and on trend record player. Start collecting some inspo for your pending party mix by heading over to Exile on Main in Downtown Champaign today!

Exile on Main St is located at 100 N Chestnut St #120 in Downtown Champaign and is a proud member of Champaign Center Partnership

While being a hospitable host to your guests is always a very commendable attribute to possess, I for one draw the line at becoming a B and B after throwing a get together at my home the night before. Enter TownPlace Suites by Marriott. Located on the beautiful University of Illinois campus, TownPlace Suites offers the perfect spot for Uncle Edgar to rest his head for the night after your party that won’t include that awkward moment in the morning where you have to see him in only a robe. Get your reservations in quick as with the upcoming holidays as well as being in such close proximity to the University, TownPlace Suites is known to book up quickly and I know you don’t want to be left in a lurch with where to keep your mélange of guests. Book your suites HERE.

TownPlace Suites by Marriott is located at 603 S 6th St Champaign’s Campustown and is a proud member of Champaign Center Partnership