Make New Friends in Champaign Center

Remember the days of our youth when you could admire someone’s Beanie Baby collection and instantly have a new best friend. Ahh the good ole days. Well, I hate to break it to you guys, but those days are over. Making friends, along with most other things that come with the gift of adulthood, is tough. Between work, kids, family obligations and sleep who has the time to think about adding a whole other person’s schedule into the mix – it’s impossible. Well just your luck! Champaign Center Partnership has put together a guide full of some choice locations and events that are almost guaranteed to increase your buddy count this month. So come on get on out there and make new friends in Champaign Center.

Who says you can’t pick up new pals while wielding an axe? Our friends at The Axe Bar beg to differ and actually heartily encourage it! As the only establishment of its kind in our city, The Axe Bar offers you a chance to get the normal introduction awkwardness out of the way in a unique fashion so you can quickly begin your ascension to bestie status. So an axe and  start visualizing your target because you’re up next and you don’t want to completely whiff it in front of your new buds! The Axe Bar is located in Downtown Champaign at 114 S. Neil St.

Those who learn together hang together? That may not be how the quote ( or any quote) goes but learning a new skill is a great way to find new friends who have interest in the same type of things as you do. Luckily the Champaign Park District offers a wide range of classes and workshops each season for you to choose from. Whether you want to learn how to speak French or how to waltz, the Champaign Park District has you (and your future new BFF) covered. The Champaign Park District has many locations and venues throughout the city. Check out this month’s Meet Your Community Leader Blog to learn more about their new Executive Director, Sarah Sandquist, as well.

Volunteering is a great way to meet other like-minded people and if you ask me there is no better place to volunteer than at a food and music festival! At the Downtown Street Fest on July 15, you will get your choice of working any of the 2-hour shifts in hospitality or at the info booth going on throughout the day and in return you will get a really cool Street Fest shirt and the opportunity to meet a new friend soulmate who shares your love for helping out you local community. Pro tip: if you work more than one 2 hour shift you also get fed and an invite to a rad after hours social event so really the more you volunteer the more perks you will get! The Downtown Street Fest is happening in Downtown Champaign on Saturday, July 15. Go here to sign up to volunteer!

While on a normal occasion talking and getting to know people during a movie is usually frowned upon, when it is an outdoor movie shown on the gorgeous UIUC Main Quad it is basically required. Every Thursday this summer when the sun goes down ( 9pm to be exact)’, head over to the main quad for Summer Films on the Quad presented by the Illini Union to catch some of this year’s biggest blockbusters! Find some new movie going mates while you get down with the latest adventures of the Fast and the Furious gang or as you sing along with newest live action Disney hit, The Little Mermaid and you at the very least have a set friend date planned until August 10 when the series ends. The UIUC Main Quad is located in Campustown at 607 S Matthews Ave.

They may be the new in kid town themselves but the newest downtown eatery and venue, The Space, may just be your ticket to meeting you new best friend. Featuring an out of this world menu from our friends at Weird Meat Boyz ( creators of some crazy delicious but seriously hot, hot sauce), hosting an ever changing line up of local bands, and even keeping the love it or loathe it liquor, Malort, on tap – The Space is destined to be THE summer spot where everyone is sure to be giving you optimal time to pair up with a new a pal.  Check out their upcoming shows HERE. The Space is located in Downtown Champaign at 1 E Main St Ste 107.

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