New Season, New You

Yes, I am aware that the phrase is new year new you but technically for some of you it IS a new school year, so I think it works. With the changing of seasons, it is the perfect time to shed all of that old baggage that you accumulated over the summer and start anew- be it with a new couch to replace the one you let way too many questionable things touch, a new spot to get your fitness on, or simply a new drink ( is it too early for pumpkin spice??). September is the month to start fresh, to shake up the old status quo and in terms of past habits to make like Elsa and let it go!

Everything old is new again and with the literal gems that fill the new Midtown shop, DIGS, I honestly am ok with never having anything new EVER again. This one stop shop has everything you could want to ensure you DIG your DIGS. Specializing in creative vintage and antique pieces, DIGS is the place to go when you need a new table and lamp as well as the perfect ‘fit to wear when showing off said new table and lamp to your friends.

DIGS is located at 32 E. Springfield Ave in Champaign’s Midtown and is a proud member of the Champaign Center Partnership!

 We are back at it again and taking it to a new street. After the rousing success that was Street Fest: Downtown Throwdown in Downtown Champaign in July, we thought we would share the love and bring the party to Campustown on SATURDAY SEPT. 9 from 1-7pm. This time we have a roster packed with even more local music, space for even more vendors and with a $5 food offering from our participating restaurants, the chance to try even more food. Bigger doesn’t always mean better but when it comes to local festivals, we are hoping that it might!

Street Fest: Chowdown in Campustown is a first time event for CCP and will be located along 6th Street between Healey and Green.

January 1 is usually the time when people decide to jump on the fitness train to create a “better them” but why not just get ahead of the game and dub September as the start of your *FITNESS* era. Getting started in the gym can definitely be a little daunting for most people but our friends at mLab Fitness have a few options to help you ease that beginning transition and ensure a successful outcome. Whether you want to jump in with some solo sessions with one of their highly trained personal trainers or want the opportunity to commiserate with fellow fitness fledglings during one of their group classes, mLab Fitness has a spot for you.

mLab Fitness is located at 122 N 1st St in Champaign’s Midtown and is a proud member of the Champaign Center Partnership!

If you are looking to embrace the finer side of life when it comes to dining this season- get ready to raise that pinky in style then when you check out Ladro Entoteca.  You’re invited to elevate your senses when you try their curated selection of exquisite wines and delectable culinary creations. And when you indulge in their G&T of the Month, a rotating masterpiece crafted with only the finest seasonal ingredients, you can celebrate every change of the calendar with a twist!

Ladro Enoteca is located at 1 E Main St #108 in Champaign’s Downtown.

Photo Credits:

Main Photo : Champaign Center Partnership

Photo 1 : DIGS

Photo 2: V. Mullen Media

Photo 3: mLab Fitness

Photo 4: Ladro Enoteca