Bloom : Local Ways to Blossom
into a Better You

With the promise of spring right around the corner, now is the time to break out of the cocoon that we’ve all hidden in for the last few months (years, lifetimes?) and emerge into the put together butterfly we are meant to be. What better way to step back out on to the scene than to at least appear like we know what we are doing? Below are local ways for you to become a better version of yourself and take on the rest of this year with confidence.

Photo credit Neutral Cycle.

1. Align Yourself at Wurth Chiropractic Center

The old saying “Change your posture, change your life” is the perfect motivation to set an appointment at Wurth Chiropractic Center. And who knows, after Dr. Wurth takes a crack (no pun intended) at your alignment you may feel ready to tackle the other stressors in your life that may be throwing you off your stride.

Wurth Chiropractic Center is located at 201 W Springfield Ave, Suite 909 in downtown Champaign and a proud member of the Champaign Center Partnership!

Photo credit Wurth Chiropractic Center

2. Rock an Outfit from Circles Boutique

Photo credit Circles Boutique

They say the clothes make the man (or woman), so when you strut into your next (hopefully in person event) in some fabulous duds from Circles Boutique you will at least appear to have it made. And hey even if you don’t… #fakeituntilyoumakeit.

Circles Boutique is located at 114 N. Neil St in downtown Champaign and a proud member of the Champaign Center Partnership.

3. Take a Ride with Neutral Cycle

There is no better way to enjoy a spring day than with the breeze ruffling your hair as you show off your bicycle skills riding around town. And even if your skills are only barely keeping upright and hoping you don’t fall flat on your face, at least you will be doing it in style atop a bike from Neutral Cycle.

Neutral Cycle is located at 624 S. 5th St. in Champaign’s campustown.

Photo credit Neutral Cycle

4. Control Your Health with Square1 Healthcare

Photo Credit Square1 Healthcare

If this pandemic has taught us anything, it is that healthcare in this county is wack. At Square1 Healthcare, Dr. Chandler is ready to change that mindset by offering AFFORDABLE, tailored healthcare to all. It’s true in this case when they say heroes don’t all wear capes.

Square1 Healthcare is located at 511 N. Neil. St in downtown Champaign and a proud member of the Champaign Center Partnership.

5. Stay in the Green at Illinois National Bank

 While money will never bring health or happiness, it always seems to have a positive effect on my mental health when my bank account reaches a certain amount. Let the trusted staff at Illinois National Bank give you a healthy piece of my mind as they guide your cash flow into the green

Illinois National Bank  is located at 217 S. Neil St, Suite C in downtown Champaign and a proud member of the Champaign Center Partnership

Photo credit Illinois National Bank

6. Get a Rub Down at BodyWork Associates

Photo credit BodyWork Associates

A massage a day keeps the doctor away! That may not be exactly how the saying goes but once you get worked on by one of the Precision Neuromuscular Therapists from BodyWork Associates you’ll be able to reach for that apple without the aches and pains you were feeling before.

Body Works Associates is located at 44 E. Main St. in downtown Champaign and is a proud member of Champaign Center Partnership. 

7. Taste the Health at Just Bee Acai

Whomever said that eating healthy meant having to forgo delicious foods has obviously never tried any of the menu items from Just Bee Acai. From fruit to grains to veggies, you can check off almost all your dietary needs in one delectable meal without forgoing a thing. Healthy eating here I come!

Just Bee Acai is located in the Illini Union at 1401 W. Green St. in  Champaign’s campustown and are proud members of the Champaign Center Partnership.

Photo credit Just Bee Acai

8. Let your health #trend at Hydrations Wellness

Photo credit Hydrations Wellness

Jumping on the latest health trend doesn’t always have the best results but usually those trends don’t involve soothing aromatherapy, nourishing IV drips and invigorating infared saunas like you’ll find at Hydrations Wellness. So hop on this bandwagon and you may just find that investing in your health doesn’t have to be a passing fad.

Hydrations Wellness is located at 602 S. Neil St. in Champaign’s campustown.

9. Take Pride in Yourself (and others) at The UP Center

The healthiest thing a person can do is to show acceptance and understanding to themselves and the people around them. Be the kind of health nut this world needs and attend one of the many fantastic events, lectures, or educational programs offered through The UP Center of Champaign County this year.

The UP Center of Champaign County is located at 1001  S. Wright St. in Champaign’s campustown and a proud member of the Champaign Center Partnership.

Photo credit The UP Center

10. Overpower your WTR List at Jane Addams Book Shop

Photo credit Jane Addams Book Shop

Knowledge is power and what could be more powerful than gaining that knowledge at a discounted price! You’ll be getting just that when you peruse the well-stocked shelves at Jane Addams Book Shop. So come on down and show off just how powerful you are as you tackle your WTR list in one fell swoop.

Jane Addams Book Shop is located at 208 N. Neil St. in downtown Champaign and is a proud member of the Champaign Center Partnership.