Curb Your Winter Blues in Champaign Center

Ah, winter in Champaign Center – the season of frozen toes, perpetual darkness, and the unmistakable desire to transform into a human burrito of blankets. Well listen here friends, hibernation is for the bears and it’s time to turn this season into our personal playground. Whether you’re considering taking up a hobby that requires more effort than clicking CONTINUE WATCHING on Netflix, embracing a healthier lifestyle or refresh your wardrobe so it says, “I’m here to slay, not just survive,” get ready to kick those winter blues to the curb and take on the season.

 You’ll embrace the cold weather this year once you realize that the change in temperature means a wardrobe refresh from Apricot Lane. This spot is the ultimate game-changer for women’s wear and accessories. From laid-back essentials to head-turning fashion statements, Apricot Lane will be your go to for whatever vibe you are bringing into 2024. Happy new year indeed!

Don’t let being stuck with last year’s home décor be another reason to bum you out this season. Transform your living space into a time capsule of style with the exquisite vintage pieces waiting for you at Digs in Champaign’s Midtown. Give your home a unique and timeless update this season, as each piece from Digs tells a story of its own. Whether you’re into mid-century modern aesthetics or classic antiques, you’ll find treasures that perfectly suit your taste.

Don’t let the cold weather freeze up your creativity! Welcome the excuse to stay indoors at Fire Doll Studio, where they turn up the heat on craftiness. Fire Doll Studio offers the perfect atmosphere to create custom candles with a fully stocked retail space in the front and a candle crafting studio in the back that also hosts monthly candle lit concerts. Fire Doll Studio welcomes walk in candle crafters or plan a boozy get together with your besties during their Happy Hour events.

Winter blahs starting to kick in? You’ll be ready to turn that frown upside down when you embark on a health food kick with Forage Kitchen in Campustown. Bid farewell to basic veggies that scream rabbit food – Forage Kitchen’s salads bring an exciting blend of flavor and freshness that’ll make you crave more. You’ll be able to combat the cold this season with a hearty bowl of their delicious soup and as the days get darker, harness the light with a revitalizing sip of their kombucha.

Instead of hibernating the season away, spend your time nurturing a plant and discovering the secrets of plant care from our friends at Planted. Not only will you learn the ropes of keeping your leafy companion alive, but you might also find a newfound love for the world of plants. As an added bonus, Planted hosts monthly yoga sessions, creating a holistic experience that combines the joy of plant parenting with the serenity of yoga.

Being cooped up indoors can bring on all of the anxious energies, so why not uncork those pent-up feelings by throwing a few axes at The Axe Bar. The first (and only) axe throwing establishment in Champaign has a packed calendar that have tons of options to get you out of your winter rut whether you choose to do it on the stage during Karaoke Tuesday, flexing your brain muscles (what is Thursday Trivia?) or have a flair for Salsa dancing. Pair that with some of the best drink prices and most delicious pizza in town and it’s wonder why I am not there right now. The Axe Bar is an open age establishment until 9pm and welcome walk-up axe throwers but also accept reservations.

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